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  • Looking Forward: May Movies (2011)

    I hope you’re ready.  This is when the special effects laden mega-marketing movies start coming out.  There are a lot of different comic book movies coming this summer, some big, some small and I’ll try not to miss any of them here.  Also, there are...

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  • [Review] The Tourist (2010)

    This movie had to have been some advertising executive’s nightmare. Recently, movies tend to more easily fall into types or genres or subsections of easily advertised to segments of the population. The inclination to advertise this as an action packed spy-ish sort of thriller must...

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  • Cinematic Blues – August 24, 2010

    After a week off due to NetFlix shipping snafus – sorry – we’re back. This week: Fallen Angels, Scheming Co-Eds, and Meddling Kids…

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