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The Most Anticipated Upcoming Comic Movies

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The Most Anticipated Upcoming Comic Movies

There’s no denying that superheroes and comic books are ruling the roost in Hollywood these days. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular, is turning out hit after hit every single year, and Warner Bros and Fox are doing their best to ride the wave of popularity with their DC Comics and X-Men centric output. If you’re a fan of comic movies, you have plenty to look forward to; huge blocks of these films are planned out years in advance. There are already several in production, and there at least two major ones yet to come in 2016. Some of the most anticipated upcoming comic book movies are:

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  1. Suicide Squad

    Opening in early August of 2016, Warner Bros is banking on this Dirty Dozen style romp to bring some fun to their overly grim live-action DC universe. The marketing campaign has focused on uplifting music and loud colors, opting to paint the film as a fun new adventure that shouldn’t be missed. The interesting hook with Suicide Squad is that its protagonists are typically villains in most other comic stories. Taking many cues from the New 52 iteration of the team, you can expect prominent roles from Batman rogues Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Killer Croc, among others. There’s also plenty of intrigue surrounding the film’s thus-far divisive depiction of The Joker, this time, played by the increasingly chameleon-like Jared Leto.

  2. Doctor Strange

    Heading to theaters in November, Doctor Strange is the second major Marvel Cinematic Universe film to grace the screen in 2016. Originally an early 1960s Steve Ditko creation, the titular character is sure to add an interesting new wrinkle to Marvel’s live action stable given his large sorcery and mysticism based powers. There’s already plenty of dreamlike imagery in the trailers. Of particular note is an ample amount of twisting and turning cityscapes, a sight which is bringing memories of Inception to mind for many movie buffs. Above all, Marvel Comics fans far and wide are incredibly anxious to see what Benedict Cumberbatch has managed to pull off in the cloak of the Sorcerer Supreme.

  3. Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2

    The original Guardians Of The Galaxy film adaptation was something of a surprise hit given the characters’ lack of the “household name” status that helped bolster attendance for earlier MCU fare such as Thor and Captain America. Largely inspired by the 2008 comic run, the quirky atmosphere provided by James Gunn’s writing and directing won many new fans over immediately. As such, the sequel is easily one of the most hotly anticipated comic films of the near future. Of particular note, action movie icon Kurt Russell has been added to the cast as Ego: the living planet. In this version of the story, that particular character also happens to be Star-Lord’s father. Wherever else the plot happens to go, it’s almost certain to be a serious favorite among crowds next spring.

  4. Wonder Woman

    Though Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was incredibly divisive among critics and fans alike, most were able to agree that Gal Gadot’s depiction of Wonder Woman was easy among the highlights. In June of 2017, she’ll be the star of her own film. Set against the backdrop of World War I, the story will show audiences Wonder Woman’s first encounter with the world outside of Themyscira. The first major trailer for the film was released at San Diego Comic-Con near the end of July 2016 to overwhelmingly positive reaction. Without question, Warner Bros’ cinematic Wonder Woman still has many comic fans clamoring for more.

  5. Avengers Infinity War (Part 1)

    Though lurking rather far away as a 2018 release, there’s no denying the excitement for the next installment of the Avengers franchise. Every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slowly building towards an encounter with Thanos, a powerful entity from Marvel’s cosmic storylines. He’s already been strategically peppered throughout the first two Avengers films and Guardians of the Galaxy. Given the wide popularity of the Infinity Gauntlet comic run where Thanos literally courts Death, the most rabid fans of comic movies can’t help but wonder just how far down that road the MCU is headed.