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M. Hunter came by the love of his particular brand of pop culture the old fashioned way: RPG club, marching band, DJing a mid-morning college radio station, and compulsively reading every book he ever received for a gift right after he removed the wrapping. As such, his eclectic interests encompass a wide spectrum, from “Hey, I love that, too!” to “Who/What?”, with an unsurprising focus on games, music, and literature of all stripes.

When he’s not begrudgingly admitting that Superman could beat Batman in a fair fight, obsessively singing the praises of Z-Man Games’ Pandemic, and wondering why Maynard James Keenan ever agreed to sing a duet with Tori Amos, he contributes as an editor for IndieInk and writes at least once a week at his personal blog, Mighty Hunter in the 21st Century. He leaves bite-sized rants at his Tumblr and Twitter feeds.

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