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Is PC Gaming Dying?

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Many gamers are talking about how PC gaming is dying. The fact is, PC gaming is alive than it has ever been. In fact, a number of sales PC gaming has had over the past few years have absolutely skyrocketed. Believe it or not, but Valve’s distribution service Steam actually generated a whopping $3.5 billion in earnings. In this article, we will be going over some of the main reasons as to why PC gaming is not dying.


Why PC Gaming Is Not Dying:


  1. More Powerful.PC’s are and always will be more powerful than their console counterparts. This is true for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is because PC parts are generally ‘hot swappable.’ Meaning, as a PC owner/user, you will be able to effectively upgrade your hardware as you go. Thus, you are not going to be completely locked into any specific hardware. This is big for PC users because it allows them to achieve the optimal performance at all times and it also allows them to enjoy their games at much higher resolutions and frame rates than their console counterparts. Because of this, PC gaming is always going to be in demand.


  1. Digital.The fact is, gaming is going digital. Because PC’s have pretty much been leading this shift, they are in the best position to deal with the shift. There are many different services that are available to PC users that they can effectively utilize in order to play their games. From Steam to Origin to UPlay, the options are endless.


  1. Microsoft’s Outlook.The year 2016 has shown a lot of general shifts in gaming. In fact, Microsoft whom primarily markets its Xbox system has made a dramatic shift towards a unified brand. Thus, they have essentially merged their Xbox brand with their Windows brand. Because a majority of people that game on the PC do so on Windows, this has led them to begin offering games via their Universal Windows Platform. Thus, PC gamers now have more games to play than ever before. This is because Microsoft has made a commitment to getting their first party games on the Windows platform.


  1. PC Remote Play.Both Sony and Microsoft have unleashed a new feature that allows their users and customers to play their favorite PS4 or Xbox One games on their PC. This shows how favorable PC gaming is in the marketplace and it goes to show how the trend is really going to continue. Otherwise, why would Microsoft and Sony dedicate so many resources to try to appease these users?


  1. Less Pirating.With the better security of games in the marketplace, there is less worry about pirating of games than ever before. Also, because PC games are generally a lot cheaper than their console counterparts, there is less incentive for customers to pirate games in the first place. Therefore, this is quickly becoming less of a worry for PC developers.


  1. Console’s Shifting.Because technology is constantly evolving and consoles are having a harder time keeping up with PC tech, they are turning to a much more PC-like upgrade path. Gone are the days of having 10-year console life cycles. The life cycles of consoles used to be one of the primary drivers of sales. However, nowadays, you can expect a console to last a maximum of 5 years.


As you can see, PC gaming is most certainly not dying. More consumers than ever are purchasing gaming PCs and gaming software for PCs. If anything, consoles are more on their way out than PC’s are. You can expect PC gaming to remain relevant for a long time. With Steam, Uplay, Origin, and other gaming services out there, PC gaming is not going to come to a halt for a long time. Especially with the introduction of virtual reality which needs PC-like hardware in order to be able to fully showcase it is true potential. Consoles simply are not powerful enough to be able to power virtual reality the way that developers and consumers would want them to. Thus, PC gaming is always going to be the best place to play games in the marketplace.