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What to Look for in Custom Gaming Computers

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Playing a modern PC game on a good gaming computer can make a massive amount of difference in terms of how much you enjoy the experience. Most modern games, whether they are first person shooters or an MMO, have some pretty considerable graphical demands. This means that playing them on a computer that is not specifically tailored toward game playing can lead to extremely low frame rates and a fair amount of latency issues, which are all problems that can severely affect your immersion.


A custom gaming computer can often have a fairly large sticker price, but the cost is generally worth it in terms of the extra enjoyment it can give you over time. Well constructed custom rigs are supremely adaptable, which means that they are long lasting and can be constantly updated to reflect the new demands imposed by more recent game releases. The improved processing power and speed is also entirely necessary if you plan to play in any competitive capacity. In other words, custom gaming computer can be expensive, but they represent a decent investment over a period of time.


So how do you make sure that you’re getting the most out of your custom gaming computer investment? The most important thing to look at is the individual components. The quality of the modules is what separates a gaming computer from any other standard consumer model, and are responsible for providing the superb graphical performance you expect. When you’re looking at a good custom gaming computer, here’s what you should see:


  1. Graphics Processing UnitThe graphics processing unit, or the GPU, is the tiny chip that makes the single largest difference in a computer. This is the part of the gaming computer that is dedicated to calculating the different factors that will go into rendering what you will see on your monitor in real time.

    Most modern PC games are extremely graphics intensive. They implement a large polygon count, which is what makes the figures and shapes in the game look lifelike and rounded. Games without an adequate number of polygons tend to have less detailed models, and therefore, look less realistic. The downside to having so many polygons is that the computer has to be able to process a lot more information in a near instantaneous amount of time to render each scene.


  1. VRAMVRAM stands for video random access memory. All computers have a certain amount of RAM, as this is what allows the rig to make the quick short-term calculation that is necessary to present the appearance of seamless performance. Unlike normal RAM, VRAM is specifically dedicated to just storing the information needed for the type of rendering done in video games.

    Having a large quantity of VRAM will allow you to play on higher graphical settings, as more space allows the computer to store more textures and particles for quick access. This means that you will be able to play games without sacrificing visual accuracy, letting you experience these productions the way they are supposed to be experienced.


  1. SSD DriveAn SSD drive, or a solid-state drive, is one of the faster types of storage device that is used for heavy duty, non-instantaneous access data storage. They are also referred to sometimes as solid state disks, although they do not actually feature a disk of any kind. SSD drives differ from traditional hard drives in that they are able to deliver faster results. This means that you get to experience dramatically lower load times, which helps cut down on the amount of time spent waiting and increases the actual amount of time you spend playing.


  1. WarrantyFinally, never forget to check for a warranty when purchasing a custom gaming computer. Because these devices do not experience very much violent use, many people assume that they are safe from the destructive force. The truth is that they are still capable of experiencing short circuits, and physical damage resulting from accidents. A warranty will help make sure that your rig is safe for years to come.


It pays to do your research before investing in a custom gaming computer. This helps you get what you want, without wasting money.