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Choosing Between Mac And Windows For Gaming

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Choosing Between Mac And Windows For Gaming

When it comes to buying a computer for gaming, gamers have the option to choose between a Windows personal computer or a Mac. Both these have their own advantages when it comes to gaming. However, it has been observed over the years that a Windows-based computer is much better at gaming as compared to a Mac.

Is Mac or Windows Better for Gaming?

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One of the biggest reasons Windows is better for gaming is that it is the most widely used operating system in the world. In other words, you can use your gaming PC for many other applications in addition to playing games whereas that is not the case for a Mac. While Mac has become popular over the years but it is nowhere near windows in popularity.

In simple terms, there are far fewer programs available for Mac computer as compared to a Windows PC. While many games available on the market today can be played on a Mac as well as on a Windows PC but there are some games that are exclusively developed for windows personal computer. In fact, there are many developers that no longer develop games for Mac as there isn’t a big enough market for them to support games for windows as well as Mac. Therefore, in terms of compatibility, Windows scores over Mac as Mac supports relatively few games as compared to a Windows computer.

Another advantage of a Windows computer for playing games is that you can upgrade your computer at any time you want. On the other hand, the Mac cannot be upgraded easily which means you may not be able to play the latest games on a Mac due to lack of processing power. Mac is great for casual games but if you are a serious gamer, you should definitely opt for a Windows computer.

Another big advantage offered by a Windows computer over Mac when it comes to gaming is that it is far cheaper than a Mac. When you buy a Mac for gaming, you will have to pay through the nose when you want to upgrade your computer. In fact, you may not be able to upgrade it and may have to buy a more powerful Mac.

On the other hand, you can easily upgrade your Windows-based computer as components are cheaply available and you can add a new CPU, more RAM, and a new graphics card to your system to play the games that require more processing power and better GPU. You do not have this option with a Mac as you cannot upgrade them or you have to pay a lot of money to upgrade.

Overall, Windows is much better for gaming as compared to a Mac. There are extremely powerful GPU units available in the market which means you can play all kinds of games at a much higher frame rate as compared to a Mac. Also, there are a lot of restrictions on a Mac which means you may not be able to play all the games you want on a Mac.

However, choosing a Mac or Windows computer has become a less of an issue these days. Many people who want to buy a Mac for brand value or for some other reasons can also install Windows on their Mac through virtualization software which means they can enjoy playing Windows games on a Mac. They just need to boot into the Windows where they can play all kinds of games they want. However, it is important that to have a powerful Mac if they want to play games that require high specifications.

In terms of a gaming PC, the things that matter is a great processor, good graphics card as well as huge amount of RAM to make sure that your computer doesn’t get overload when you play a game that requires a lot of processing power. As far as choosing between Windows and Mac is concerned, you will be better off buying a Windows PC for gaining only but if you need Mac for development purposes or for some other purposes, you can also install Windows on a Mac and play games. However, you will be limited to playing games that do not require too many resources.


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