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How Is Marvel Comics Released?

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How Is Marvel Comics Released?

Like comics from all publishers, all new issues from Marvel Comics are released every Wednesday. Not every single title is renewed each week, however; most are on monthly or bi-monthly schedules. For example, if one particular X-Men or Spider-Man book is released in the second week of the month, the next issue won’t come until the second week of the following month. As the leading publisher in the comic industry, however, there are numerable Marvel titles shipping every single week. There have been considerable efforts to make sure each book has renewed story lines every year or so as well, providing an easy jumping on point for those that have become interested in reading comics due to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

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The primary means of checking for new comics will be in your nearest local comic book shop. There’s a site called Comic Shop Locator where you can put in your location to find wherever the nearest store may be. Certain major comic books are also traditionally found in newsstands. You’ll also likely find them in the magazine sections of grocery stores and bookstores, though the issues available at the time might not always be completely up to date.


The benefit of shopping at a comic book store, of course, is being able to have your own pull list. If you’re a regular customer, pretty much every comic shop owner will take stock of everything you’d like to come in and purchase on a regular basis. Whenever shipments come in, they’ll set aside copies of your title of choice for you, ensuring that you can go in and grab a fresh copy that’s in great shape whenever you get the chance.


Of course, some towns don’t have the luxury of having a comic book store around, and whatever might be available in the other stores might not cater to what you’re actually interested in checking out. After all, you’re not likely to find some of the less widely known books like Moon Knight or Iron Fist in the magazine aisles of your local Wal-Mart. If that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, you can always consider ordering a subscription to your favorite books from Marvel themselves. You can receive floppies (meaning physical copies of individual issues) right in the mail every single month, usually for a lower total price if you opt to pay the yearly fee.


Of course, some people don’t really have the space to accommodate endless stacks of single comic issues. Most story lines are compiled into larger collections that combine multiple issues into a single release, and these can be found quite readily at bookstores. You can also pre-order them on sites like Amazon and likely pay considerably less than you would elsewhere. You can keep an eye on upcoming releases on their site and even get e-mail notifications for when new listings become available.


The most convenient way to enjoy comics these days is right on your computer, tablet, or phone, however. You can actually download digital copies of pretty much every comic out there. One source is Comixology, which just launched an unlimited service where you can enjoy pretty much any comic you want for only $5.99 a month. Marvel also has their own digital subscription service, Marvel Unlimited, which costs $9.99 every month. Right now, there are literal thousands of issues available, and there are no limits on how much you can read. New releases are always made available the same day as the physical issues as well. If you’re only now getting into comics, one of these digital subscription services may be your best bet for checking them out without having to spend too much.