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  • Exclusive Interview With Truth And Salvage Co.

    Personally they had me at "we have beards and wear sunglasses" but the fact that they play a mean blend of Bluegrass, Blues, and Country certainly helped matters.

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  • Coachella To Go Two Weekends

    Heat is also a huge factor at both festivals, and they were both later in the calendar this year then they were last year. Weekend two could set records for heatstroke.

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  • Coachella 2011: Worth Risking Heat Stroke?

    Tweet The lineup for this year’s Coachella music festival has been released, to mixed reviews. About half of the people I follow on Twitter who have mentioned it are of the mind that this lineup isn’t worth spending all that money, not to mention three […]

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  • [Interview Exclusive] Country Music Rising Star Josh Thompson

    I interviewed Josh Thompson, an up and coming country music artist, on the red carpet at the inaugural American Country Awards. His break out album, “Way Out Here,” named after his popular single, is atestament to the backwoods working class that is often depicted in country music.

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  • Concert Series: Green Day

    Concert Series: Green Day

    The band's original attitude was apathetic, but with American Idiot they suddenly adopted an intense, some say melodramatic, opposition to the politics and culture of 21st-century society. They now sing about the evils of corporations and the media, but the irony is that they profit handsomely from both.

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