Clearing Away Cobwebs


It sure is dusty in here! We’ve been on a hiatus for a while because of some issues with our former site host, some illnesses, some job changes, and well, lots of life stuff that happens when you have a group of people all over the globe who have lives and families made up of people who also have lives. You’ve heard the expression about herding cats, yes?

Well, if you’ve been waiting, you’ll be happy to know that we’re working on getting this thing back up and running. You’ll see the return of some of our most popular features and plenty of fresh, new content so we can go back to being your shelter from the pop culture apocalypse. That means you’re not going to see yet another re-posting of every summer blockbuster trailer. Instead, you’re going to find out about lots of great stuff you’ve never heard of and how it relates to things you already love.

That’s our goal, and I hope you’re along for the ride.


Header Image Credit: Elsie esq.

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