Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 8: The Ambush

The Time Travelers’ plan works, and they stumble through the Dalek City, whilst initially the Doctor and Susan push the Dalek around  and Ian struggles to work out how to control the Dalek from the inside.

However, they are discovered when questioned by another Dalek. While the alarm sounds, the Doctor works on magnetically locking the doorways which stop the Daleks from reaching them.  As the Daleks begin to laser their way through the doorway, the group attempt to retrieve Ian out from the Dalek casing, only to find he is stuck inside.

It’s a cliffhanger with Ian convincing the others to leave him and escape down the lift.  The Dalek army bursts through the door and blasts the casing Ian was in, only to find it is empty and he has made a very narrow escape.

The crew arrive at a place they see the Thal tribe collecting food. They notice that the Dalek army has made their way down the lifts and plan to surround them.  Ian picks up a very styrofoamed statue and throws it down the lift shaft to stop the army’s progression.  The others escape and run to warn the Thals.

Viewers find out that the Thals’ plan is to reason with the Daleks and ask for a longer truce. However, this is disturbed when Ian calls out to warn them of the trap.  All but the leader of the Thals escape and manage to find the others in the forest.

At the camp, the Thals describe to the time travelers the history of the tribes and the mutations.  The Thals proclaim that they live peacefully and adopt strict pacifism, despite their forebears being warriors.

Ian tries to convince them that they need to fight for their right to be on the planet.   The Doctor reveals that the fluid link which Ian had been holding had been left behind in the Dalek casing and as such, the crew cannot leave as it is a vital piece of the Tardis.

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