The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2.4 – Cherokee Rose

The usual disclaimers here folks – it’s a recap, so there are going to be spoilers everywhere. If you didn’t see the episode and want to be surprised, turn back now.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – Carl gets shot, Hershel needs a resperator, Daryl’s gonna find that girl, T-Dog and Dale suck, Shane tells Otis the Carl Shooter he’s sorry then shoots him, Carl’s gonna get better, and Shane gets a haircut. Pretty simple.

Rolling to the Hershel Estate are Daryl on Zed’s Chopper, the RV (w/new radiator hose!), and some brand new-looking vehicle that seems destined for product placement. So that’s everyone. Carl wakes up and asks about Sophia – oh crap, that’s who we were forgetting. Rick tells Carl that Sophia’s fine, which might actually be true because in theory, she might be fine wherever the hell she is. The group comes out of the new vehicles (surprisingly can’t see what that nice new one is – so much for that product placement) and Dale asks how Carl is. Rick says that Carl’s doing great, thanks to Hershel and SHANE, SHANE IS AWESOME BECAUSE SHANE DID THINGS AND IS A PURE ANGEL ISN’T THAT RIGHT SHANE? Offscreen, Shane goes to cut his hair again.

Hershel has a service for Otis, showing that Hershel is a master of all trades. Reverend Hershel the Pig and Boy Surgeon talks about how great Otis was for giving his life and Shane starts having flashbacks about how great Otis was at being delicious to zombies. Hershel wants Shane to say something, but Shane declines since he needs another haircut. Patricia wants Shane to say something because he was there at the end, so Shane tells a story about how Otis was awesome and did great stuff and saved Shane’s ass which the family eats up, the group doesn’t care about, and Dale stares at Shane like he’s full of crap. Then again, this is a common stare that Dale has, so I may be reading too much into it.

Hershel asks about Sophia – he’s got maps of the land, because apparently he’s also a GIS master with overhead shots of the area that the group can section off and search just like a real-life search party. Hershel also tells Rick and Shane that he doesn’t believe in having armed people on the farm (off the farm, feel free to shoot whatever children you want), and Rick – knowing not to look a gift horse in the mouth, gives up his firearm. Shane does so as well, with some reluctance. Rick still thinks they should have a lookout though, and offers up Dale up in his watchtower RV. Hershel agrees. Hershel lets them know there’s a pharmacy about a mile down the road where they can get some medicine, and Rick offers up Glenn to help with the task, since Glenn’s experienced at that type of thing and not doing anything that interesting right now. Glenn and Maggie will hit the pharmacy later.

Lori sees Shane and they make smalltalk. Shane asks if Lori meant it when she told him to stay, and she did. Um… so there are still feelings here? Who knows because we cut to Maggie and Glenn discussing going into town. Maggie will go get the horse. Glenn’s not too sure about horses. Hey, it beats walking.

Meanwhile, Shane strikes up a conversation with Andrea. Shane will teach Andrea how to clean that gun. There was more sexual tension in that sentence than there was on the screen at the time, so read that as you will.

Daryl’s goin’ lookin’ for that girl. He’s told about the organized search they’re planning on, but Daryl wants none of it. The way of the redneck ninja is mysterious, and does not involve maps. DARYL OUT.

Rick and Hershel go over more details. Rick, ever the humble guest, offers to have his group stay in the barn. Hershel declines, telling him that they should stay near the house. That’s so nice of him.  Oh, and by the way, once Rick finds the girl and Dale’s better, Hershel wants them to get the hell off his lawn (and his property). He doesn’t want the group to get too comfortable. Well, if he doesn’t want them getting too comfortable, why not keep them in the barn?*

Maggie’s bringing the horses in to get ready for the trip into town. Glenn is checking this out through binoculars. HE LIKEY. HE LIKEY A LOT. Lori interrupts Glenn’s farmer’s daughter fantasy by giving him a “shopping list” for their trip into town, asking him to get something special and “discreet”. Glenn’s lost. He doesn’t know where to find this item. Glenn fails at “discreet”. Lori tells him to hit the feminine hygiene section. Perhaps Lori has that “not-so-fresh” feeling (and WHAT a marketing opportunity that would be), but my prior Walking Dead comic knowledge is doing a little foreshadowing. I’ll shut up.

Dale and T-Dog are at the well getting water, because we have to do something with them. Dale’s got that look on his face like Shane’s talking, so he starts snooping around. He notices a hole in one of the wells, then sees T-Dog ready to take a long, dramatic drink from the well… DON’T DRINK THE WATER! THERE’S ZOMBIE BLOOD IN THE WATER! Dale and the group peer into the well and sure enough – zombies can float. Someone makes a joke (I assume) that the zombie has gills – you better hope not, guys. The group has to figure out what to do with this thing. They can’t shoot it, because shooting it would get all kinds of zombie brain chunks in the water and we don’t want that to happen. You know, because a zombie with rotting flesh marinating in your water = OK. Just don’t get chunks in there.

Hershel and Rick go over plans some more when Hershel takes a moment to soak in the skyline.  Since he’s Reverend Hershel the Pig and Boy Surgeon, Hershel starts talking about God and Rick isn’t that crazy about that, saying that the last time he stopped to talk to God, his boy got shot. Touche.

Zombie fishing! Bound to be a new mini-game in the next Walking Dead video game, the group tries to figure out how the hell to get the zombie out of the well. They’ve got a canned ham on a line to lure him, but zombies are picky about what goes into their bodies, what with all the preservatives and everything. They prefer live stuff, and where can we find live stuff on a farm? Well, Glenn is live, so LET’S USE HIM. Apparently someone pissed off Glenn. He is the lightest of the guys, I know, but why not Andrea with the death wish? Not so “I don’t care if a live or die” now, are we?

episode 4 group well 300x211 The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2.4 – Cherokee Rose

Roland Martin never covered this on any episode.

So Glenn’s going down the hole, obviously thrilled to be doing it, with another rope in his hand. He’s going to noose up or lasso the zombie so that the group can pull him out. This one’s a nasty guy, all hissy and bloated. We can see Glenn being lowered down by most of the group – Shane, Lori, Dale, Andrea, Maggie, with T-Dog anchoring. They’ve got the rope wrapped around some old post/pipe thing, which will SURELY not give them any issues. Sure enough, it snaps, and Glenn starts dropping down to zombie lunch level, stopping only inches away from Gil (that’s what I’m calling floating zombie), who is all like “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT”. Glenn owes T-Dog his ass, because he’s the one who is holding onto the post thing up against the well, supporting all of Glenn’s weight. Glenn is screaming like a little girl (way to impress Maggie, there) as the group scrambles to get him out. They pull, and Glenn’s surprisingly all in one piece, but probably needs a change of underwear. Dale, dejected, says that they need to go back to the drawing board, but Glenn’s having none of it, walking away and giving the other rope to Dale. Dale doesn’t have time to react as he feels a tug at the rope – Glenn roped his zombie, saving his man points from the earlier girlish screaming.

Meanwhile, Daryl’s found a house in the woods. This sequence seems like it was written by Infocom for Zork I.

North of house
You discover a cottage in a clearing in the woods.
You are carrying:
 * Crossbow
 * 2 arrows
You enter the cottage.
You are inside a cottage. It appears to be unoccupied.
You are inside a cottage. You can go north, west, or south.
You look around as you bounce from wall to wall, your crossbow armed and ready.
This house does, in fact, appear to be empty. You notice a trash can.
There is a can of sardines in the trash can.
I can't do that from here.
The sardine can is empty. Upon closer smell,  this can was eaten recently.

You get the idea. Daryl spots a closet, where he looks in and sees a makeshift pillow and a blanket. Daryl’s definately onto something, and he goes outside and starts calling for Sophia.

episode 4 daryl crossbow 300x211 The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2.4 – Cherokee RoseMeanwhile, the group (minus Glenn) is reeling in their catch. Gil’s a fat ol’ zombie, all growling and bloated. The group hits a snag as physics is against the group, holding up Gil about halfway out of the well, his back on the edge. They’re pulling and pulling, and since no one in the group has a working knowledge of zombie physics, they have no idea that the weight of a fat, waterlogged zombie cannot be supported by a zombie backbone being bent backwards. Gil snaps in half, with zombie blood and viscera (no, not the former King Mabel) spewing all over, and Gil’s zombie ass dropping back into the well. So much for that well. The group looks at the half of Gil they did manage to get, and he’s no less hissy/pissy. Maggie wonders what they should do wWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAM. T-Dog, already hurting and with fresh rope burns and probably torn muscles saving Glenn’s skinny ass, takes out his frustration on Gil the half-zombie. “Good thing we didn’t shoot it.” Mental note: give T-Dog an extra slice of pie at dinner.

Carol’s at a car on the highway that has a message to Sophia to wait for the group there and that they’ll check every day for her. Andrea tries to comfort Carol, but Carol gives her the STFU treatment; she’s seemingly already given up hope. Shane says that you never know, which is nice and all, but if she’s starting to actually move on, don’t try getting her hopes up again, OK? Geez. Go shave your head or something.

Shane and Andrea start walking back and start talking about guns and how Andrea seems to be itching to get her hands on one. Shane says that shooting an actual moving target isn’t like shooting some paper target, and Andrea asks him how he does it – the shooting of the actual moving things. Shane says that you have to “turn off the switch” and not think about what you’re doing. You need to do it and forget it. Andrea asks how that’s going – that it’s getting there, right? Shane says he hopes so, then leaves to shave his head.

episode 4 glenn maggie 300x211 The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2.4 – Cherokee RoseCowboy Glenn and Cowgirl Maggie ride into town on their horses making smalltalk. They hit the pharmacy, parking the horses outside. Glenn gives Maggie a list, and while she goes off and collects the items, Glenn discreetly hits the feminine hygiene section. Hmmm. Maxi pads, tampons? No and no. We’re basically getting teased with all the guesses you could have had, and marking them off the list. Ah, what’s this? True Blue pregn… oh boy…HEY MAGGIE WHAT’S UP THERE DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE HI HOW ARE YOU? Maggie wants to know what Glenn was looking for. Glenn grabs a random thing off the shelf… condoms. Sure. He was looking for condoms all along. This follows (paraphrasing):

MAGGIE: So who’s your girlfriend?

GLENN: Girlfriend? Oh no no no, oh no.

MAGGIE: Then you’re a pretty confident guy.

GLENN: Huh? Oh, no. No no. No.

MAGGIE: What? Something wrong with me?

GLENN: Oh no I uh wha uh um wha?

MAGGIE: I’ll have sex with you.

Followed by the best response I’ve ever heard, as Glenn speaks for a nation of us geeks:

GLENN: Really? Why?

I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING. Maggie notes that there aren’t that many options, and that he’s not the only one who’s lonely. And crap SHE MEANT NOW BECAUSE SHE’S GETTING NAKED. You have to figure that Glenn has to thank whatever deity he believes that he grabbed condoms and not an enema.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Rick’s trying to get Hershel to reconsider letting them stay longer. Not for him, mind you, but for Carl. WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Hershel says his dad was a prick and that he didn’t bother to visit him on his deathbed and he’s cool with that, but that he doesn’t think Rick and Carl will have that problem. If Rick’s group respect his rules, he’ll consider letting them stay longer.

Glenn and Maggie come back to the farm. Glenn is GLOWING. Maggie bursts Glenn’s bubble by telling him that was a one-time thing. Well crap. Glenn delivers his discreet package to Lori.

Daryl comes back to the RV, and it’s all pretty-like inside, thanks to Carol. Daryl brings Carol a flower – a Cherokee Rose – and tells her this story about Native Americans having their kids taken away and how the tears of their mothers became these flowers. He doesn’t think anything like that would have come from his brother, but it could for Carol’s little girl. Daryl Dixon, redneck ninja with a heart of gold, dammit.

Carl’s awake. Rick feels bad about lying about Sophia and starts to explain when Carl interrupts and tells him that his mom already spilled the beans. Carl asks if he thinks they’ll find her, and he starts confident, but backtracks a little and says that he believes they will. Carl says that he’s like Rick now because now they’ve both been shot. The exchange just reminds us that Carl’s still a kid, since it’s such a kid thing to say. Rick says that since Carl is in the “got shot” club, he gets to wear Rick’s sheriff’s hat now. About damn time.

Rick’s day is over. He’s getting undressed, and he’s exhausted. He takes off his deputy stars and places them in the drawer. Lori asks if he’s putting them away, and he closes the drawer – apparently so. Lori gives Rick a warm embrace, then tells him to go be with Carl longer – she’ll wait up. Rick does, but Lori doesn’t go back to bed – she takes a trip outside, and she’s got a knife. What’s she going to do? Meet up with Shane? Stab someone in the eyeball? Nope – she finds an area alone and away from camp, pulls out the pregnancy test, takes a squat, and in the QUICKEST PREGNANCY TEST IN EVER, it’s positive. Oh boy.


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