[Retro Bunker] Gumby

On September 5th, a man dressed in a costume walked into a 7-11 and tried to rob the store. He failed to pull off his scheme: his gun was tucked away a little too well, and he ended up leaving twenty-seven cents of his own money on the floor.

Want to hear something even more pathetic? When police asked for a description of the costume, the store clerk told them that it looked like SpongeBob SquarePants, but green.

Can I get a *headdesk*?

When October 12th rolled around, it almost felt like Google felt the need to educate a brand new generation to who Gumby was by paying tribute to what would have been Art Clokey’s (the creator) ninetieth-birthday. Their logo for the day consisted of the following characters:

Gumby: A little green ball of clay who’s got a heart of gold.
Pokey: Gumby’s pony pal.
Goo: A blue mermaid with blonde hair.
Prickle: A yellow dinosaur with white spikes.
The Blockheads: Two goons with blocks for heads (one with a “G” and one with a “J”).

That’s the theme song I grew up with. I’d always get excited whenever I’d hear those strange hypnotic guitar chords sound right before a chorus of voices would scream out, “GUMBY!”

The above clip was one of the first episodes I remember seeing, and there were a few things that bothered me:
1. What is it about crackers and milk that make for a great afternoon snack?
2. The outside of his house looks like a table covered in toys. Does this mean that he lives on a table too? (Which is kind of cool, by the way.)
3. If eating all that ice cream turned Gumby into a block of ice, then that’s what will happen to me as well in that eventuality. Brain freeze is just the precursor.

Gumby and Pokey were pretty much inseparable from that point on. Goo and Prickle were added somewhere down the line and were included when the storyline probably needed to be a little bit more elaborate. If I remember correctly, at one point Gumby and Prickle were rivals for Goo’s handkerchief, but that’s the only occasion they ever went outside of the friendship barrier.

There were a few other minor characters I’d forgotten until I started searching for video clips to add to this post. For example:
Gumbo, aka Gumby’s father
Gumba, aka Gumby’s mother
Minga, aka Gumby’s sister
(who is pink instead of green – maybe the milkman stopped by?)
Nopey the dog

Writing this piece has sent me on a massive wave of nostalgia, and I’ve been trying to track down as many Gumby episodes as possible on YouTube. Hopefully the rest of you had an equally pleasant experience! At the very least, you’ll know the difference between Gumby and SpongeBob from this day on.

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