Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 3 :The Forest of Fear

Huddled in the back of the cave, they focus on the skulls which have been spilt wide open.  While the tribe sleeps huddled up like kittens, the old crone wakes and steals a sharpened stone.

c8gahfqjxb2q8c Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 3 :The Forest of Fear She makes her way into the blocked up cave by a secret entrance and promises to free them if they leave and never come back. It is revealed that she is afraid of the fire and what it will do to the tribe if it comes.

Zaw’s overbearing wife wakes him and pushes him to look for the old crone. They make their way through the dark cave outside to hear voices from the prison cave.

Holy styrofoam!  The great stone – rolled there by the strongest tribes members wobbles after being touched and at one point squeaks as Zaw struggles to push it.

This series see the first of the many running scenes that the Doctor and his companions endure. The party escapes into the darkness of the forest where Zaw and his very pushy wife track them… in the pitch black… finding footprints and broken grass….

Viewers are presented with a Doctor whose body is ageing and needs frequent rest. Susan is very protective of her grandfather, refusing to let the others tend to him.

Zaw is injured by the ‘beast’ of the forest and the doctor and his companions are able to escape.

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