Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 4: The Fire Maker

Sadly, just as the Doctor and the companions reach the Tardis, they are captured and brought back to the cave by Kai.

Kal repeats his story that Zaw killed the old woman. The Doctor points out that Za’s knife is clean but Kal’s knife is bloody. Kal admits he killed the woman and the tribe turns on him. The Doctor incites them — he and Ian throw rocks at Kal. The tribe join in and drive Kal away. Za still has the travellers imprisoned so they can make fire.

Despite being dirty and dishevelled, Ian continues to wear his tie and jacket. Similarly, their actions and decisions are dogged by the brass band; informing us of doom ahead. Its also fortunate that the cave dwellers speak such pristine English ( the babble fish effect of the Tardis has not yet been uncovered)

Zaw and his wife discuss the travellers at length and although its clear the caveman doesn’t want to kill them, he is desperate to get the secret of fire out of the unwilling prisoners.  The rest of the tribe are keen to sacrifice the to their gods in the sun; however Ian is freed to make fire in a pile of small twigs.

Not one to take a dismissal laying down, Kai turns up again, kills the guard and attacks Zaw.  Their fight is accompanied by jungle drums and flickering light, interspersed with shots of the travellers looking terrified. There is a gratuitous shot of lycra underwear as Kais body is dragged through the sand.  The tribe finally accept that Zaw is the leader when he shows them the burning torch.

The Doctor and his crew are fed meat which looks like sausages, though no-one eats.  Susan puts a fire torch into one of the skulls and the group use this to scare the cave dwellers away.

The Doctor and the gang jog on the spot as cheap branch props are tossed around them and whipped past their bodies.

Our travellers manage to reach the Tardis and disappear in front of the tribe people.  The Doctor admits to Ian and Barbara that he hasn’t have much luck in controlling where the Tardis lands and that he is unsure where it will take them.  They all peer into the screen to see a jungle. Before getting cleaned up, the Doctor asks Susan to check the radiation meter – which reads normally. The crew leave and the camera zooms into the rapidly rising radiation meter; just as the music cues….

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