Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 5 :The Dead Planet

When the Doctor announces that they have landed, they discover his calculations and navigation have brought them to a petrified forest presumably on a planet far away from Earth. The Tardis needs time to recalibrate, which leaves the travellers at a lose end.

Daleks Doctor Who Recap: Season 1: Episode 5 :The Dead Planet

The forest they wander about in has been subject to intense fire with the trees turned to a type of stone. Ian and Barbara voice their concerns about being dragged about and kidnapped.  They find a number of alien animals and plants, setting the scene for audience for intergalactic travel.

Through their wanderings they also discover a magnificent city, which looks to be deserted. The Doctor is very keen to study the city, but is convinced to return to the Tardis till the next morning.

The next day, Susan wanders out into the forest, determined to explore the new land but suddenly runs back to the arms of Ian, absolutely terrified. She insists that she was touched by someone as she pushed past the vines in the forest, However, her grandfather denies that anything is alive on the planet.

The Doctor leads the travellers into the strange metal city, where they uncover the reason everything is dead and no life has shown up on the monitor. Viewers are left with Barbara being threatened by a metallic object – which modern fans know as the Daleks.

This episode serves as a great introduction not only to the Doctors deadliest ( and one of the scariest) enemies, but managed to normalise the space travel concept for the 1960s audiences.

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