Review: Independent Comic Zombie Outlaw

It’s pretty hard, if you watch tv, go to the movies, read books or are generally alive in any way, to avoid zombies these days.  Which is great because I love zombies – reading about them, watching movies with them, shooting them… So I was only too happy to receive a copy of Brian P. Apodaca and B. Paul Jordan’s Zombie Outlaw.

zo Review: Independent Comic Zombie Outlaw

The story is pretty simple: Matt Naismith is a pretty standard geek, with a pretty standard crush on the prettiest girl at Irvine State University, K.T Delaney.  Being too shy to attempt romance, Matt seeks advice from his Resident Advisor, Will Simers.  Will has his own quest: to track down the cowboy hat of a legendary zombie killer from the Wild west of 1872, which he believes to be somewhere within the university.  Will agrees to help Matt with wooing K.T, if Matt helps him find the hat.

Right from the off, it’s pretty clear that this tale is going down the comedy route: Jordan’s artwork is very cartoony, all huge biceps and wide eyes, or tiny waists and big breasts on K.T.  It’s very easy to imagine this as a Saturday morning cartoon show: I can almost imagine the sound-effects as I read it.  The zombie art is in the same vein, but still manages to look a little scary.  Just a little.  Interestingly, a more realistic look can be found on the official website.

The dialogue between the characters feels fairly natural and strikes the right note of being light-hearted and likeable, although it might have been fun to see a bit more of the relationship between Matt and Will, and a reason for Matt’s crush on K.T.  These are pretty minor quibbles though and since it’s only the first issue, there’s plenty of time for that.

All-in-all, this first installment does what it’s supposed to do: sets up the story, moves at a cracking pace and makes me curious about what comes next.

You can follow Brian Apodaca on Twitter at @Capn_Midnight (Yes, I know it says @Capn_Midnight is someone named Adam Blackmoon, but this is the same person as Brian Apodaca. Don’t ask me why.) and like them on Facebook as well as visiting the official site.

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