New Video Game Releases – 7/5

There isn’t a lot coming out this week. Next week will be a little more than this week but here are the ‘big’ releases for the week. There are certainly some interesting titles coming later in the month but this is what you have right now.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon – A third person shooter for the Xbox360 and PS3, this game is a sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017. The player takes on the person of Lightning Alpha and fights off wave after wave of giant insects and robots, which are focused on attacking New Detroit. (Man, doesn’t Detroit get a break even in video games?) Over 300 weapons will be available to use to fight these evil foes in your color customizable armor. The game can be played single player, three player splitscreen, online co-op or six player Survival Mode.

Mystery Quest: Curse of the Ancient Spirits – This game is a historical adventure with a gripping ghost story for the Nintendo DS. The main character is a girl named Virginia who, along with her father, discovers an ancient galleon shipwrecked on a Caribbean island. Exploring the wreck, the duo soon realizes that the ship has been untouched by the several centuries over which it has been abandoned. Designed for primarily for young teen gamers the game includes over 50 levels with more than 1,000 hidden objects and clues to find.

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