[Trailer] Green Lantern Animated Series (2011)

I’ll stop talking about Green Lantern at some point.  Well, actually, I probably won’t.  I love Green Lantern.  Still, I’m not entirely certain what to think of this trailer. 


I’m happy to see Green Lantern on Cartoon Network.  I’m happy to see the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) back on Cartoon Network, even if it isn’t the same universe as Justice League or Young Justice.  (Speaking of which, when are they going to stop running reruns of that and play the second half of the season?)  They’ve probably gone with this CGI style to make kids think of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon but it looks clunky to me. While I do understand why we’re going with Hal Jordan, I think I would have much prefered a ‘Tales of the Corps’ style show. I think it would more allow for a few more of the other color Lanterns to show up as well, which would tie into what kids would be seeing in the comics.  Still, I’m likely going to watch an episode or two.  Maybe it will be shown at SDCC this year.

What do you think?

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