Preview & Review – Wookiee the Chew: The House at Chew Corner (Audiobook) by James Hance

By now, you almost definitely know about James Hance and his eyeball-meltingly cute Star Wars/Winnie the Pooh tribute Wookiee the Chew: the House at Chew Corner. If not, you’re in for a real treat! Existing fans and newbies alike will not be able to help giggling aloud (and possibly jumping up and down and clapping) when you listen to this sample from the forthcoming audio edition, read for you by none other than our good friend Spike Nesmith! Music is provided by The Vitrolium Republic.

Wookiee the Chew

I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to a rough cut of the entire book, and let me tell ya, I’m glad I skipped dessert! It really is that sweet.  Hance, along with co-writer Max Michaels, has reached deep into this great piñata full of geeky goodness and flung the best prizes around a landscape of cherished childhood daydreams. Spike provides the best imaginable narration, lending an overstuffed-teacherly intonation that makes listeners feel even more like they’re once more enjoying story time, with the promise of graham crackers and milk (blue, of course – this is a Star Wars parody!) any minute now. He also does a ridiculously cute Droidlet “peep!” The music is precisely what it should be, too. It’s fun and carries the story aloft without getting in the way.

Aside from my own pure enjoyment as an adult, I can appreciate this as an excellent way to introduce younglings to Star Wars without exposing them to the violence and scary bits that may be just a bit too PG-13. The next time I find myself driving with kids in the car, this will be playing on the stereo for sure.

Stay tuned to Pop Bunker for an announcement when the audiobook goes on sale so you, too can exist for a few minutes inside a bubble of pure, innocent joy.

If you want to do Jim another solid, check out HUGS for Maddy, a charitable cause to help his little girl get some medical attention she needs, and donate and pass word along as you’re able.

Follow James on Twitter @JimJeroo, and Spike @Spikester.

Image copyright James Hance, used with permission.

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