[Exclusive Interview] Saoirse Ronan Talks Hanna (Part 2)

Part two! Part two, part two, part two! Read part one here.

Before leaping back into the conversation, I did want to mention some little bits that Saoirse just offered up in the course of the conversation. She really is a dear and a wonderful young woman. When she sat down with us Bunkerettes, she broke the ice by asking about a fantastic faux-fur coat one of our party was wearing. To the right of us they were making cotton candy, Beverly Hills style, and she looked up and said “there is candy floss floating on the ceiling”. Curious as to what’s on Saoirse’s iPod? Beach House “Teen Dream” and LA band Warpaint (four piece all girl band – worth checking out). The girl has good taste in tunes. She misidentified my Ray-Bans, but we won’t hold it against her. Anyhow, here’s the later half of our interview with HANNA star Saoirse Ronan:

Pop Bunker: So at this point are you choosing your own scripts, or do your parents still have an influence?

Saoirse: Well we all choose together. It’s a real group decision between me, my parents, and my two agents. Ultimately it’s my decision because if it’s not something that I’d be happy doing then I’m not gonna do it, and they wouldn’t push me into doing it, which is good. They’re very supportive and we’re critical, weigh the pros and cons, and we’ve made good decisions so far.

PB: Can’t argue with your pedigree. Two book movies.

S: Yeah, I’ve done quite a few of those. I should stop.

PB: New territory for you then, with the spy thriller. Is that what attracted you to the script?

S: Mainly it was. The script is really well written, and those types of genres can be so easily butchered and made generic. When I read this I thought it was a well-written script, clever, and had the potential to be really well developed, in particular Hanna, obviously. I’ve always been an active person, and to incorporate that into my art was exciting.

PB: Working with Cate Blanchett must have been pretty cool.D018 03345R 300x259 [Exclusive Interview] Saoirse Ronan Talks Hanna (Part 2)

S: It was fantastic. I mean I didn’t have a lot of stuff with Cate, no real proper scenes because our characters were kept at arm’s length. The closest we actually come to each other was (edited for spoilers)

I remember we did this scene, it’s not in the film anymore, but it’s in this supermarket. It was the only real dialogue scene that we had, we were shooting late at night, five or six in the morning, and everybody was tired. I’d keep looking at her, just observing her attitude and her concentration on set. She was so focused the whole time. She really so good at what she does, and she’s quite an inspiring person.

PB: You did have a bunch of scenes with Olivia Williams, who is a personal favorite. She seemed so mothering.

S: You’re right actually, you can probably see it on screen, she was so maternal towards me and Sophie and Miles (Jessica Barden and Aldo Maland). Olivia was great, I think she’s really up there as an actress, very talented and very professional. Just a real sweetheart.

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