I have to think a show about twenty-something and thirty-something comic book geeks would be right up the alley of most of our readers and many of our authors. Lucky for us, the show exists and it is called ANTI-MATTER. (Episode channel HERE.)

Described as in the tradition of Friends, The Office, and Cheers (great, right? I also see a hint of the Britcom Black Books.), ANTI-MATTER is a web based comedy filmed out of New York. There are three episodes so far with the fourth one released just today! Each episode so far ranges from 2:30 minutes to 5:30 minutes and are well worth the time in your regular web show viewing routine.

From the ANTI-MATTER about page:

In the tradition of “Cheers”, “The Office” and “Friends”, comes Anti-Matter, a workplace and family of friends comedy which takes a playful life in the comic shop!

Set in a comic book store, Anti-Matter features the zany often hilarious hijinks that happen with the staff and the idiosyncratic regulars of a NY comic book shop who treat the store more like a clubhouse than a place of business.

Through the exploits of the staff and regulars Anti-Matter serves as a hilarious gateway for audiences to laugh as a surprising number of life’s events occur in the shop.

PopBunker.net will have an introduction and short interview with the folks of ANTI-MATTER later this week. For now check out the below sneak peeks from the most current episode and visit the show site, or watch it HERE right now! If you want to read up on ANTI-MATTER, its characters and cast, then you can do so HERE.

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