Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]

S1E6 1 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]We open on an ordinary morning at the house. Danielle is trying to get the girls ready for school, but they’re busy playing Fairy to care. They try to coax Annie into their game – well, Chloe does, anyway; not only is she the only one with a name so far, she’s also the only one who gets to speak – but Danielle’s offer of coffee sounds better. Michael comes through, saying he has to work late, and leaves. He’s acting suspicious, and Danielle looks concerned, and Annie picks up on all of that, but I’m sure it’s nothing. Right? Danielle also states that they won’t be going to some function next week due to Michael working overtime on some policy paper.

Just then the disembodied voice of the Nameless Niece calls out from the other room, “Mommy! Mommy! Chloe’s teasing me!” Chloe responds with “No I’m not! She’s teasing me, Mommy!” Perfect opportunity right there to give her a name, and they blew it. Just give her a name already, show. This is getting ridiculous. Until you do, I’m just going to call her Daisy.

(I’ve been informed that I’m not paying enough attention, and that the other niece is named Katia. Evidently, according to this picture it’s spelled out on the fridge in letter magnets in the pilot episode. I checked the IMDb cast list for that episode, and there is a listing for Katia. REGARDLESS…until they call her by name in an episode, I’m sticking with Daisy. You want it otherwise, go write your own recaps.)

Annie asks Danielle if she just wants to get away from the kids for a little while, and when Danielle gets up to go deal with DAISY and Chloe, she half-sarcastically says, “No. Never.”

S1E6 2 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]CIA. Auggie is laser-sticking over the big seal in the lobby when Annie runs up to him and latches onto his arm. She mentions that Auggie is wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday, but he isn’t giving up the Booty Talk. Annie teases him about the “Walk of Shame” and he observes that with Annie on his arm, his walk is her walk.

A&A enter the DPD and are told by two other agents – one Black, one White; therefore Agents Ebony and Ivory – that there’s something going on in the conference room. Joan approaches, and Auggie identifies her by the sound of her necklace. Joan is, as usual dressed in a low cut shoulder-strap dress. I’ve had discussions recently with other viewers about Joan’s fashion. Why would a woman so high up in the Agency, and one who is always talking about how hard it is to be a Girl in the CIA Boy’s Club, always dress so distractingly? I say Joan can dress however she wants to. She’s not in the field, it is a way to keep the attention of anyone who may not listen to her otherwise, and it’s a good method of making some pigheaded foe underestimate her so she can make him look like a fool. Also, I think Kari Matchett is smokin’, and since Piper Perabo went and got Hollywood Thin and lost her Coyote Ugly rack, someone on this show has to flaunt the boobage.

Annie goes off with Ebony and Ivory, while Joan explains to Auggie that the Special Activities Division (SAD) is in need of his services, and so she’s loaning him out for the week. Only Auggie will be assisting from DPD because all of his cool toys are already there.

S1E6 3 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Joan joins the group in the conference room and states that the footage on the screen is from a drone that was to drop boom-booms on a structure in Foreshadowstan, but that when they did, all they destroyed was property. Seems the folks the CIA wanted blown up real good weren’t there, and Joan is pretty certain there’s a leak. Or a mole. Maybe a badger. Anyway, this is the third instance of such an occurrence, and they shut down all assets in Syria and Iraq after the first one. Agent Ivory then adds -Madden-style – that it must be on their side. Joan says that they thought of that too, and started limiting briefings and information to only the most essential people, and still information got out. Agent Ebony asks who it could be, and Joan says that it must be a United States Senator.

GASP! Say it ain’t so, Joan. I am shocked…SHOCKED…to find that there may be improprieties amongst our elected officials, and a member of the Intelligence Committee, no less. SHOCKED! Jai-Jay piles on, saying that no member of the Senate has been convicted of treason since 1797. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened since. Just means that they got better at not getting caught. Annie comments that the Senate Intelligence meetings are crazy secure, and that the attendees aren’t even allowed to take notes or anything. Joan says that this is where the group comes in: they need to use their NOCs (pronounced “knock” – spy talk for Non-Official Cover, i.e. Annie’s Smithsonian alias) to get information from the Senators and Jai-Jay adds that this will all be off-book, because the blowback wouldn’t be a good thing if they get caught snooping around the Senate. Annie turns to Agent Ebony and is all, “Why us?” Joan answers with, “Because you’re young and you’re nobody. You’ll fit in perfectly on Capitol Hill.” Annie takes us to the credits by blinking several times.

S1E6 4 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Post-conference, Annie asks Ebony and Ivory who they got assigned. Why would she be asking? Weren’t they all in the same room just a minute ago? Annie needs to stop Twittering during meetings and pay attention. Anyway, Ivory says he got Darton – a “lame duck facing ethics charges” – and he’s feeling pretty okay with that. Ebony got Wallenberg, whom Annie identifies as the “only one who opposed the war.”

Naturally, Annie “Teacher’s Pet” Walker got Gil Jarvis, the Committee Chair. Ebony and Ivory laugh a little; there’s no way that the person with the most power could possibly misuse any of it, right? “Annie, he’s not the leak,” says Ivory, and Annie says that Joan more or less said that. Oh…so Annie didn’t get Jarvis because she’s the Teacher’s Pet. She got Jarvis because Joan thinks that he’s clean, so it should be just another quick in-and-out for Annie. Has Joan been watching the same show I have?

Jarvis’ Office. Annie, under her Smithsonian cover, walks up to the admin and introduces herself, but the girl just kind of ignores her. Annie then explains why she’s there. “As a courtesy every term, we make pieces available to the Museum’s Board of Regents.” Which would have been fine exposition for the audience, but then Annie has to tack on “Like the Senator” in a pointed and snotty way. Like the admin wouldn’t know that? Also, can I just say that it’s a good thing I’ll never hold public office, because I wouldn’t want a painting; I’d want Archie Bunker’s Chair, or some other such piece of entertainment memorabilia from the American History Museum. Last time I was in the Air & Space Museum, they had C3P0 and R2D2 on display. I’ll take those, too. Plus, I know people at the National Portrait Gallery…I wonder if they still have the Stephen Colbert painting. Better yet, I’d have the entire office redone as Julia Child’s kitchen, so I would always have snacks on hand. I’ve given this way more thought than I should have, haven’t I?

Anyway, Annie’s got the admin’s attention but she still doesn’t have an appointment. Annie says someone should have called, and leans over to look at the appointment book, which the admin quickly shields from Annie’s view, citing her CV as Hostess at the Palm in Miami “for two summers.” Meaning, she knows how to take reservations and make appointments and if you want a table right away you better have a Benjamin in cupped in that handshake.

S1E6 5 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Just then, Senator Jarvis enters the room. Jarvis is played by D.W. Moffat, who has been in probably every show ever at least once, and here takes the southern accent he’s been using on “Friday Night Lights” for the last two seasons and turns it up to a Floridian Eleven. Annie thanks him for meeting with her, and Jarvis says that Annie will have to thank his wife Madeline for the current décor in the office. Annie and Jarvis go into his office, where Madeline is waiting. Madeline is played by Lauren Holly who has had more work done on her face since she left “NCIS.” It’s really too bad, because Lauren Holly was always a good looking woman. Now it seems she’s trying to morph into Christina Hendricks, and failing miserably. After the introductions, Jarvis’ Chief of Staff Ashley Briggs enters – played by Anna Camp, probably best known by now as the crazy preacher’s wife Sarah Newlin on season two of “True Blood” – and Annie comments that she has the same sweater Ashley is wearing. Madeline quickly interrupts, wondering if they can get Wyeth’s Whooping Crane painting. Annie flubs a little, indentifying Andrew Wyeth instead of N.C. Wyeth (duh), but quickly recovers by saying that the Smithsonian has nature paintings from both Wyeths.

Jarvis then asks Ashley what’s next on his agenda, and Ashley says that she needs to refresh the Senator on Pakistan before his 5pm Intel Briefing. Jarvis and Ashley take their leave, but not before Jarvis does his best George W. Bush impression and asks for “something with animals.” So, a velvet circus theme, then? Perfect.

After a quick transition shot of the Capitol Building, we now see Annie and a building maintenance worker removing paintings from the walls of Jarvis’ office. Federico (that’s his name) radios to “Jimmy,” telling him that he’ll need custodial to do an extra good job cleaning all the plaster dust off the carpet tonight. A pause, then Federico says “Oh, right…it’s Tuesday,” which peaks Annie interest. As they walk out, Annie converses with Federico in Portuguese. This impresses Federico, who complains that everyone just speaks to him in Spanish. Annie shifts back to English to ask about Tuesday nights in the Senator’s office. Federico says that the Senator works late on Tuesdays, and requests no noisy vacuuming. Annie eyes Federico’s electronic passkey, while Freddy explains that they just clean Jarvis’ office twice on Wednesdays to make up for it. Seems fair.

While riding back in the Painting Van, Annie glances over at a hotel, and sees Michael exiting and getting into a cab. Shouldn’t he be at work or something? I’m sure he’s got a perfectly reasonable explanation, but we won’t hear about it until Annie jumps to the easiest conclusion that he’s fucking around on Danielle. Wait. You’ll see.

S1E6 6 300x158 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]DPD. Annie is doodling swirls on a notepad, deep in thought, when Jai-Jay saunters by to show off his Thesaurus skills and clumsily ask Annie out for drinks. I’m still not on board with this, Show. Annie says she can’t, since she needs to try and get back into Jarvis’ office to see what’s going on there on Tuesday nights. Maybe he’s watching “Covert Affairs.” Jai-Jay smarms (although he thinks he’s flirting) that Annie won’t get that information drawing “curly twirly thingies.” Jai-Jay blah-blahs about Senators being JUST LIKE ME AND YOU (shout-out to Tom’s “Top Chef” recaps right there to see if he’s reading), when he spots Joan watching from elsewhere in the office. He then leans in and whispers, “Just don’t get caught” before leaving Annie to look all flustered and hot-crotched.

Back at the Capitol, Annie talks her way back in by explaining to the nice janitor man that she needs to get a small, but priceless, painting that she thinks she left on Federico’s cart. NJM doesn’t want Federico or anyone else getting in trouble if it goes missing, so Annie’s in. When NJM turns to answer the phone, Annie locates Federico’s locker and swipes his passkey out of it. Maybe it’s SOP for the lockers to be unlocked at all times, and for the passkeys to remain on the premises, but that all seemed a bit too easy and convenient.

S1E6 7 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Annie heads straight for Jarvis’ office, and keys in. She begins to snoop around, and notices light coming from under the door to his private office. Annie then stupidly – but quietly – opens that door to first hear, and then see, Ashley stripping off her blouse and climbing onto the Senator, who is sitting on a couch waiting for her. Chief of Staff indeed.

DPD. Auggie is cracking a bottle of water taking a swig when Annie pops by to ask where she can get Federico’s passkey duplicated so she can get the actual one returned. How is she going to return the original? Seems like she should have thought that through a little. Auggie says that Spencer in IT is Annie’s man, but Annie’s exit is blocked by a couple of military personnel delivering hard drives and whatnot for Auggie’s SAD assignment. Annie clears her throat, and Auggie just laughs and explains that he’s playing catcher on Operation: Goliath, which is targeting tribal leader Touraj Nasir for elimination. Auggie’s going to be there all night, so he’s pounding the energy drinks. Annie then totally changes the subject, asking if most men cheat on their spouses. She explains that she saw Michael coming out of a hotel when he was supposed to be at work. Auggie supposes he could have been there for a power nap, or maybe a late lunch, and then sends Annie on her way to see Spencer when more tech junk arrives.

Jai-Jay intercepts Annie, saying that two more Senators have been cleared, which just leaves Jarvis on the hook. Jai-Jay hands Annie a file, having done a little digging, and we learn that Jarvis – and this is going to shock you – has had other affairs besides Ashley. I KNOW! Ashley is his third. Jai-Jay points out that Ashley rowed in college, and that her bank statement shows dues paid to the Congressional Rowing Club. Annie says she’ll drop by there for some girl time. Jai-Jay starts to leave, but then remembers one last nugget of information: Jarvis holds the CIA budget in his hands, so if Annie fucks this up, they’ll be lucky to have dial-up by the end of the week. No pressure.

On her way out, Annie watches Auggie discuss the weather conditions with a couple of troops in Pakistan. They all seem very familiar with one another, and the troops look uncomfortable and sad when Auggie makes a blind joke. Then Auggie asks them about his iTunes account, and they all have a good laugh about jacking Auggie’s playlist. At least they aren’t downloading anything illegally. Other than charging it all to a CIA operative, that is.

S1E6 8 300x158 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]The next day, Annie’s out jogging near the Congressional Rowing Club, and “accidentally” stumbles upon Ashley just coming back from a row. They small talk, Annie helps Ashley get her skull into the boathouse, and then invites Ashley out for coffee. I rowed for a year or so in college, but I stopped because getting up at 4am voluntarily to do anything when you’re in college is just stupid.

Back at the house, Danielle is making DAISY and Chloe’s lunches. Annie “awwws” at that, remembering when their mom used to put notes in the lunchboxes. Danielle doesn’t remember that; Annie kid-sisters that Mom must have loved her more. Danielle takes this in stride, and they start to playfully push each other around until Michael breaks them up. More blabbity-blab about working late, and he’s off. Annie asks what Michael’s working on, and Danielle says it’s a paper on Asthma for Johns Hopkins, which means Michael’s commuting to Baltimore every day. Only he’s really not, Annie’s facial expression says.

DPD. Joan – now tastefully dressed in black, including a jacket – tells Auggie that she’s pulling him from SAD and bringing him back over to help Annie. Auggie protests this, because the troops he’s assisting are from his old unit. Joan was unaware of this wrinkle, and allows Auggie to stay with SAD. This was a very awkward scene, because it was only meant to give us the information about Auggie’s connection to the Goliath soldiers, and that could have easily been handled in the scene where they were talking about iTunes by having them say something about missing Auggie being with them. Instead, we got this filler scene.

S1E6 9 300x156 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Jarvis’ Office. Annie is delivering paintings, while Madeline and a girlfriend are kibitzing on the couch. Annie is introduced to Tina Varma, wife of the Indonesian Ambassador and a college friend of Madeline’s. Madeline says that she’ll touch base with Annie tomorrow, and Annie watches Madeline walk to her desk, remove a flash drive and lock it in a desk drawer. We also hear Ashley say hello to Tina, who says hello back in that politely detached southern way that just as likely means, “Fuck Off.” This is the same thing Madeline’s face says to Ashley as they pass each other silently. Ashley doesn’t care for Tina that much, since every time she and Madeline go out they rack up a huge bill that gets paid by the Florida taxpayers, and Ashley’s the one who has to justify it. Annie suggests that they go rack up their own bill, which Ashley seems to think isn’t a bad idea.

S1E6 10 300x158 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Alan’s Tavern. REALLY? Annie brought Ashley to the CIA bar? Are they too lazy to build another set, or at least re-dress this one? Anyway, Annie and Ashley are seated at the CAUSABLT (Ashley’s having margaritas while Annie takes a drag on the sponsor’s swill) as Ashley mentions that the place is a “Spook” hangout. Annie gets her sorority girl on and is all, “Like the CIA?!?!” They talk about stuff like letting off steam and Tina Varma being a gold-digger, and eventually get around to Ashley admitting that she’s shagging the Senator on Tuesdays after Annie fakes receiving a “booty text” and says that she thinks the Senator’s hot for Ashley. Then they order food.

From her taxicab after – don’t drink and drive, kids – Annie calls Jai-Jay at the office to tell him that Ashley + Jarvis = True Love 4EVA. Also, they should run Tina Varma through the system, just in case there’s blackmail happening.

I guess Annie wasn’t headed home, because now we see her using the passkey (and I really hope Federico got his back) to get into Jarvis’ office again. This time, she picks the lock on Madeline’s desk and retrieves the flash drive. Instead of having some device on her that could read and copy the flash drive, Annie TURNS ON MADELINE’S LAPTOP AND PLUGS THE DRIVE IN! Aren’t there crazy numbers of activity logs kept on government computers? How would this not get noticed? Anyway, Annie finds a document that reads as follows (complete with the grammar fail, which is also noted on the word document in the show):

S1E6 11 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]

So, Ashley is being set up for the intelligence leaks by Madeline, who must be the leak, right? Annie takes a picture of the screen (like I did above) and e-mails it to Jai-Jay while avoiding the roving custodian, and she’s out of there. Again…if Annie had some piece of tech on her that she could have plugged the drive into and copied it, she’d have been out of there long before the janitor started doing door checks. Why does Auggie get all of the toys? I have a HDD at work that holds 320GB, and I can fit it in my mouth. What? Like you’ve never done that? Annie calls Jai-Jay to fill him in once she’s outside. Jai-Jay says she hooked a whale. Is he calling Madeline fat? I don’t think that Lauren Holly needs any more justification for wrecking herself with further surgeries.

S1E6 12 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]The next day, Joan is in a meeting with people demanding information. The White House wants to be read in on the case, while some pinhead named Marty is wondering if Joan’s on top of the situation. Joan shuts him down, and then Marty asks Annie if he can get some coffee. Dick. Annie starts to get up, but Jai-Jay grabs her arm and sits her back down. Okay, +1 to Jai-Jay. Joan explains that they will confront Madeline Jarvis, and turn her so that she will then feed bogus spam to her contacts. Marty think this will let her contacts get away, but Joan smacks him again and says that they will get everyone involved, and they’ll do it their way. Annie just smirks.

Auggie, meanwhile, is guiding Operation: Goliath on how that will all go down. Now that we know that Auggie used to be One of Them, the solider on the other end is free to call him “Bro” a bunch of times. When Auggie’s call ends, Annie walks in to chat about how she’s certain that Michael is a philandering cad, citing the supposed to be in Baltimore but totally wasn’t evidence. Auggie supposes that Danielle knows and is looking the other way, but Annie thinks that Woman that does that is an urban myth. That’s a little broad, Annie. I’m sure it happens more than you think. Auggie is silent, and Annie is expecting humor and whatever but he’s a little preoccupied with helping his former squad bring in a big fish alive and dealing with the guilt of not actually being there, so could you cut the guy some slack, Annie? It isn’t always all about you. Annie catches the snap, to her credit, and gives Auggie a pep talk before leaving him with a hip-check.

S1E6 13 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Out on the mean streets of DC, we have Annie tailing Madeline on foot, with assists from a jogging agent who is not Agent Ebony, an agent who is not Agent Ivory in a car nearby, and an older agent who looks a lot like Michael Hogan but isn’t. They track Madeline into a library or bookstore or something, where she places an envelope into a copy of “What’s Cooking.” Madeline then leaves the store and hails a cab, and Not Agent Ivory takes off after it.

Annie calls in and finds out that Madeline’s cab is headed for the Capitol Grille. We’ve got one of those here, too. It’s a national chain. That’s sad. So many good steak houses exclusive to DC and Madeline’s going to a chain? Boo. Annie goes to get her own cab, and finds herself competing with Michael for the fare. Awkward. Annie wonders why Michael is in downtown DC when he’s supposed to be in Baltimore, and Michael’s all I can explain, while Annie’s all I don’t have time right now but you damn well better, Mister. Annie takes the cab, leaving Michael standing there looking guilty, which I’m sure he’s not. You’ll see. This whole subplot is silly, which is why I’m not working very hard to not spoil the resolution.

Jai-Jay has joined the party, and is inside the bookstore with Not Michael Hogan, switching out the contents of the envelope Madeline left. Typical. Let everyone else do all the hard work, and then swoop in for the switch. He’ll probably take credit for the whole operation. I hate That Guy, don’t you?

Annie’s now seated at the Capitol Grille, and nods to a female agent at another table before we pan up to see Madeline and Tina Varma in a window booth. Tina tells Madeline that she knows it’s hard, but that “Maddie” can’t just sit on her hands. Tina gets up to leave, saying that they’ll come through on their part. Annie then excuses herself from her own table, and goes to join Madeline. Madeline greets her enthusiastically, but Annie’s all business when she tells Madeline that she needs to come with her to Langley. Madeline chugs the rest of her chardonnay, and says that she needs to call her lawyer, which Annie talks her out of on the grounds that it will all become a public matter if Madeline does that. Annie would rather be discrete, and punctuates that with a few slow blinks of Seriousness.

S1E6 14 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]In an interrogation room at the DPD, Joan is telling Madeline that they will be bringing in the Senator shortly, and that they need to know just what information Madeline has been passing. Lives hang in the balance. Madeline has clearly been crying, and Joan has changed her clothes from the meeting earlier that morning. I was going to comment on why Joan wasn’t wearing the necklace she had on in the meeting scene, but it appears that the dress is different, too. The shoulder straps are narrower. The continuity editor clearly dropped the ball here. Also, I spend way too much time looking at what Joan is wearing. In my defense, I spend just as much time thinking about Joan naked.

Madeline quickly throws Tina Varma under the bus, saying it was all her idea as a way to get revenge on the Senator for his errant ways. Madeline explains that she was a teacher, and that she helped pay Jarvis’ way through law school, stood by his side during every election, and “[they] built his career.” Joan brings up the cheating, and Madeline says that Jarvis and his priorities changed. This hits home with Joan, and she appeals to Madeline to talk just as “two women who are married to powerful men.” While what Jarvis did was terrible, taking revenge out in this way (killing the Senator’s career) isn’t going to solve anything. There will always be another Ashley. Also, I would think that being the cause of his public destruction might just make him love you less, Maddie. Madeline just wants it to be the way it was, and Joan defines that as the Honeymoon, not the Marriage.

Joan and Annie walk into Joan’s office, and…wait a minute. Annie’s wearing a completely different suit from the restaurant. *rewinds to be sure* Hey! Madeline is still wearing the black dress she had on, minus her earrings and necklace. Is this supposed to be a different day? Did they hold Madeline overnight? I’m confused. Wouldn’t a Senators wife going missing overnight have hit the news cycle by now?

S1E6 15 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Anyway, Joan says that Annie has to make sure that Ashley takes the fall as planned, so that the Indonesians think everything is on track. Annie’s a little offended, but Joan says that they’ll get Ashley into protective custody. Annie’s still kind of weird, saying that all Ashley did was get involved with the wrong man. Oh, Annie…you’re supposed to be a smart cookie. History is just full of stories about people getting involved with the wrong people and having it change things. Joan says, “Who was married. Who was her boss. Think of it as a cautionary tale. Workplace romance is always complicated, Annie, no matter how common it is.” Joan glances out the window at Jai-Jay, which makes Annie look at Jai-Jay, which sets off Jai-Jay’s spider sense and he looks up at them looking at him. I start looking around for something to eat, because this is boring talk.

Auggie is ready to get Operation: Goliath underway, but not before once last interruption from Annie. She’s all I have to break a poor girl’s heart. Auggie asks if it’s Danielle, and Annie shuts the door to talk more about that, but Auggie’s not got the time. He’s about to rock and roll this whole Goliath thing so the girly chat will have to wait. It’s Man Time. Annie gets inspired to “look at the bigger picture,” and leaves Auggie to his War Games. Is it too much that for a brief moment I hoped Annie would have forgotten that she closed the glass door and that we could have seen her walk right into it?

Congressional Rowing Club. Ashley. Annie. “We need to talk.”

S1E6 16 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]DPD Interrogation Room. The Senator has now joined us, and he’s pissed, because he’s about to be taken down by two women playing chess with a checkers set. Jai-Jay comes in and asks Joan to come out. In the hallway, Jai-Jay explains that Ashley is just a loose end in all of this, and if the Indonesians are serious, then Ashley’s probably a target for nefarious sorts to, you know, whack. Joan says that Annie’s picking up Ashley now, and sends Jai-Jay off to bring them both in.

Back at the Rowing Club, Annie is breaking it down for Ashley. Madeline essentially took bits and pieces off of Ashley’s note pad where she would write down things Jarvis told her about from the meetings – where he couldn’t take notes – so that she could check facts and write reports. Between those, and Ashley’s internet browsing history, it could easily be assumed that Ashley was the leak. It’s not solid, but it’s circumstantial enough to get the job done.

DPD. The Senator is telling Joan that Madeline saw notes on four fully-funded missions, one of which was Operation: Goliath. Ruh Roh.

SAD. Joan goes to warn Auggie that Operation: Goliath might be compromised, but it’s too late to turn back now. The troops went radio silent twenty minutes ago. Oh, snap.

Rowing Club. Ashley’s pissed at Annie, because she trusted her. Annie’s all that’s my job, but Ashley doesn’t want to hear it. While they bicker – and not throw each other into the water, damn it – a man enters the dock and places a skull into the water.

SAD. Auggie and Joan and Agent Ivory are trying to figure out ways to get eyes on the troops, using drones and piggybacked satellites, and it’s been 17 minutes since Auggie’s heard from base camp.

S1E6 17 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Rowing Club. Ashley’s putting up her oars and stuff while Annie waits. Annie decides to walk over to her car to wait, putting her just far enough away that she can’t get to the boathouse in time when she sees the boat the male rower placed in the water just floating there, and then see the man now in the boathouse closing the door and holding a syringe in a menacing fashion. Neat! The Indonesians are sub-contracting their hit jobs to Dexter now. That’s awesome. He’s from Florida, too.

Annie is blocked by the closed door, but Indonesian Dexter didn’t close the one on the other side of the boathouse, so Annie runs around and enters while Ashley is being attacked. Annie grabs an oar and takes Indonesian Dexter out at the knee, but all that does is get him to let go of Ashley. He swiftly gets back up, and throws Annie hard into the wall of oars and a steel beam on the wall, which dazes Annie a bit. Indonesian Dexter then reacquires the original target who – instead of exiting through the open door Annie came in and hauling ass out of there – is busy running all over the boathouse and is caught trying to open a closed door. Wow. Ashley is not showcasing any great survival skills here, is she? Ashley manages to get the door open just enough to crawl under. This makes it much easier for Indonesian Dexter to grab her by the feet and drag her back in while the door shuts, so that the show has its money shot for the promos.

Indonesian Dexter begins to improvise, and now has the pull chain from the door wrapped around Ashley’s neck. Annie smashes the glass on a cabinet, grabs a flare gun, and fires it at Indonesian Dexter. It bounces off his shoulder and flies off to set fire to one of the many fiberglass boats in the enclosed space, but he’s let go of Ashley again so mission accomplished? Annie and Indonesian Dexter brawl it out, but Annie finally wins when she bashes Indonesian Dexter in the skull with a skull. I’m a little disappointed that Annie never kicked Indonesian Dexter in the junk, because I’ve been looking for a way to work the word “coxswain” into the recap, and the show never gave me what I needed.

S1E6 18 300x156 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]SAD. “We’re out of options.” Auggie and Joan now have an audience. Agents Ebony and Ivory, along with a handful of extras, are all there to watch Auggie save the day, which he does by flying the drone providing aerial surveillance into the building the Operation: Goliath troops are heading towards. Nasir isn’t there anyway, so the drone hits the building, blows up everything, and after a few seconds of silent tension, the troop radios in that they are aborting the mission due to the big boom boom.

Rowing Club. Jai-Jay and the cavalry arrive as Annie opens the boathouse door in triumph. They proceed to cuff and stuff Indonesian Dexter as Annie tends to Ashley, who says that she “doesn’t want to disappear.” Annie figures Ashley won’t have to now because with Indonesian Dexter in custody Tina Varma will have to know that Madeline flipped on her. Ashley won’t need to go into Witness Protection, but her life will still be totally different.

S1E6 19 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]Press Conference. Senator Jarvis is giving his resignation speech, while we get cuts of other scenes that fit his words:

“…it is indeed a terrible thing to realize that you have deceived yourself…”

Outside of their house, Michael and Annie are having words. Michael confesses that it’s not an affair that brought him to the hotel where Annie saw him, but rather a Job Fair. Seems Michael was laid off a couple of months ago, and he’s been faking going to work for Danielle’s sake while looking for new employment. He’s struggling to remain the hero to his girls, and Annie thinks that her sister is better than Michael gives her credit for.

S1E6 20 300x157 Covert Affairs: “Houses of the Holy” [Recap]“My wife faces charges of treason. My Chief of Staff faces public shame and damage to her career that cannot be undone. And so I humbly apologize…”

Annie is kicking off her shoes in her quarters, and we see Ashley packing up her desk.

“…and I can only hope that sometime in the future, you find the power to forgive.”

Annie watches from her window as inside the main house, Michael confesses to Danielle. Who looks worried, and angry, but is supportive and loving as she reaches out to Michael and embraces him.

NEXT WEEK: Auggie gets the spotlight as he goes on a mission that involves an ex-girlfriend, fast trains, and some eye candy for the ladies. Join us back here, won’t you?

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