Cinematic Blues – 6/29/2010

This week’s batch of movies from NetFlix – how many times do I need to treat them as this column’s sponsor before they just comp my account already? – moved me to tears. Of boredom. OMG these films were numb. In lieu of actual reviews, I’m just going to flesh out my notes and post them as-is.

On with it, then:


GoodGuy 202x300 Cinematic Blues   6/29/2010THE GOOD GUY (2009)
Written and Directed by Julio DePietro
Roadside Attractions

“You’re right. Wall Street is no place for an ambitious white male.”

Tommy Fielding (“Friday Night Lights” Scott Porter) is the sales manager at a mid-level hedge-fund group, and beginning a new relationship with Beth (Alexis Bledel). He’s also mentoring the new guy at work, Daniel (Bryan Greenburg).

Tommy is supposed to be a huge d-bag…Scott Porter still has too much Jason Street in him to really be convincing.

Unexpected heart in this film. Daniel really is a Good Guy; Beth’s girlfriends are hilarious. Anna Chlumsky (Vada from My Girl all grown up and gorgeous!) has a great supporting role that only makes me hope she works her way back into bigger things soon.

Greenburg is a good fit in this role (similar to his character in HBO’s “How to Make It In America”).

Bledel can’t throw a slap at all. *snerk*

Narrative is a bit uneven.

Wall Street: 90210.

Subjective reactions depending on where you may be in your personal or professional life…

Karma is a bitch.

Andrew McCarthy gets some mileage as Tommy’s boss, and the film’s primary scenery chewer.

Elwood Says: 2 copies of “Lolita” out of 5.


WTWTA 196x300 Cinematic Blues   6/29/2010WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (2009)
Based on the book by Maurice Sendak
Screenplay by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers
Directed by Spike Jonze
Warner Brothers

“He has powers. He told us.”


All real-life characters are straw-people.

Still bored.

This is for kids? Concept of ELE’s taught to grade-schoolers?

Slow. Dragging. Adult Elwood is super bored.

8-year old Elwood is scared shitless.

I’m way more interested in the People Magazine article about the latest “Bachelor” break-up than this movie.

Like, Vamp Willow bored.

Spike Jonze needs to stick to music videos.

Elwood Says: 2 Double Re-Crackers out of 5.


RememberMe 202x300 Cinematic Blues   6/29/2010REMEMBER ME (2010)
Written by Will Fetters
Directed by Allen Coulters
Summit Home Entertainment

“Not tonight. Not, not never. Just not tonight.”

I totally buy the opening scene as the catalyst for Ally’s (Emilie de Ravin) characteristics, but not how it went down. Deus Ex Machina. Also, if you’re paying attention to this first scene – and the VERY FIRST SHOT – you can figure out where, and when, this movie is going to end.

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) much better here than in the Twilight crapola, but just as broody. He’s better at playing human than he is at playing dead.

Why does there always have to be so much coincidence involved with people finding love? Isn’t just dumb luck enough sometimes?

Ruby Jerins (plays Tyler’s half-sister Caroline) continues to impress me as a young actress. Between this, Shutter Island, and her work as Edie Falco’s oldest daughter on “Nurse Jackie” she’s going to be a name to watch for as she gets older.

Tyler’s friend is the Poor Man’s Adam Goldberg.

Seriously bad Dolby work…Emilie’s American accent changed 3 times in one outdoor scene.

Abby dumps cold pasta water on Tyler, which would prompt me to make a “Wet Noodle” joke if this were a full review.

Ooh! Sex scene! No boobies? Ah…PG-13. Dammit.

Pierce Brosnan/Lena Olin as Tyler’s parents…why couldn’t Pattinson just use his own accent?

A lot of contrived and coincidental circumstances to get to the movie’s climax…too many, in fact. Still, knowing what’s going to happen doesn’t take away from the impact of it. Strongest part of the film.

Elwood Says: 2½ Giant Pandas out of 5.

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