PopBunker Coming Attractions: “Scoundrels”

PopBunker Coming Attractions: “Scoundrels”

I have chosen. Wisely. I hope.

The second PopBunker Summer Recap show will be:

*drum roll*


The show, based on the popular New Zealand TV show “Outrageous Fortune,” will track the ups and downs of the West family – each of them on the wrong side of the law – as they attempt to go straight after the patriarch is put in jail for an extended sentence.

scoundrels1 300x220 PopBunker Coming Attractions: “Scoundrels”Virginia Madsen (Long Gone, Sideways, “American Dreams”) stars as Cheryl, wife of Wolfgang “Wolf” West (David James Elliott*, “JAG”), and mother to their 4 kids:

  • Patrick Flueger (“The 4400″) plays twins Logan – a straight-arrow attorney – and Cal, a not-too-bright burglar.
  • Leven Rambin (“Terminator:TSCC,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) is Heather – a wannabe model, Daddy’s Girl, and entitled brat.
  • Vanessa Marano (“Dexter,” “Gilmore Girls”) is the youngest, Hope – Truant, aspiring film-maker, and all around smart-ass.**

(* Elliott replaced Neal McDonough, who was originally cast as “Wolf” but was fired when he claimed his Catholicism wouldn’t allow him to film a sex scene with Madsen. Two things: 1) Good for him, because my convictions would not hold if I was offered a chance to be in bed with Virginia Madsen, and 2) what does his religion say about all of the general assholes and killers he’s portrayed in his career?)

(** Already my favorite character. Just sayin’.)

Lastly, Carlos Bernard (“24″) returns to series television as Detective Sergeant Mack – a cop dedicated to seeing the Wests in cuffs, and who also seems to have an extra eye for Cheryl.

While I’m not entirely crazy about the Mack/Cheryl angle – and I’m hoping that the promo is misleading or that I’m not reading too much into it – I like what I’ve seen so far. The casting is great, and I’m delighted to have both Harmon Rabb and Tomy Almeida back on my TV machine. As adversaries. It’s almost too much.

I’m hoping this show commits Grand Theft Awesome.

“Scoundrels” premieres on ABC on Sunday, June 20 at 9e/8c. Expect recaps to go live by Tuesday or Wednesday following new episodes.

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