2009 the Year In Movies | 40 – 44

2009 the Year In Movies | 40 – 44

44. Pirate Radio (aka The Boat that Rocked)

pirateradio poster s 2009 the Year In Movies | 40   44This is a simple comedy loosely based on the breakthrough of rock n roll to the British air-waves. The plot plays fast and loose with the actual events so it is not something to watch for historical accuracy, but it does have Philip Seymour Hoffman turning in a good performance as always and a killer, and I mean killer soundtrack:


Disc one

1. “Stay with Me Baby” – Duffy – 3:52
2. “All Day and All of the Night” – The Kinks – 2:23
3. “Elenore” – The Turtles – 2:30
4. “Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)” – John Fred and His Playboy Band – 2:52
5. “Dancing in the Street” – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – 2:36
6. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” – The Beach Boys – 2:23
7. “Ooo Baby Baby” – Smokey Robinson – 2:45
8. “This Guy’s in Love with You” – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – 4:01
9. “Crimson and Clover” – Tommy James & The Shondells – 5:24
10. “Hi Ho Silver Lining” – Jeff Beck – 2:53
11. “I Can See for Miles” – The Who – 4:07
12. “With a Girl Like You” – The Troggs – 2:07
13. “The Letter” – The Box Tops – 1:54
14. “I’m Alive” – The Hollies – 2:25
15. “Yesterday Man” – Chris Andrews – 2:32
16. “I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy” – Paul Jones – 2:20
17. “Silence Is Golden” – The Tremeloes – 3:09
18. “The End of the World” – Skeeter Davis – 2:39

Disc two

1. “Friday on My Mind” – The Easybeats – 2:53
2. “My Generation” – The Who – 3:19
3. “I Feel Free” – Cream – 2:54
4. “The Wind Cries Mary” – Jimi Hendrix – 3:21
5. “A Whiter Shade of Pale” – Procol Harum – 4:00
6. “These Arms of Mine” – Otis Redding – 2:33
7. “Cleo’s Mood” – Jr. Walker & The All Stars – 2:42
8. “The Happening” – The Supremes – 2:50
9. “She’d Rather Be with Me” – The Turtles – 2:21
10. “98.6″ – The Bystanders – 3:19
11. “Sunny Afternoon” – The Kinks – 3:34
12. “Father and Son” – Cat Stevens – 3:42
13. “Nights in White Satin” – The Moody Blues – 4:26
14. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” – Dusty Springfield – 2:49
15. “Stay with Me Baby” – Lorraine Ellison – 3:33
16. “Hang On Sloopy” – The McCoys – 3:52
17. “This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)” – The Isley Brothers – 2:51
18. “Let’s Dance” – David Bowie – 4:06


42. My Bloody Valentine 3D

mbv3d 2009 the Year In Movies | 40   44This movie surprised me about as much as any this year. The film has indistinct ties with other movies of similar names from the ages of cinema past, but there is one thing that those movies did not have that this one does: “My Bloody Valentine 3D” has a completely nude woman running around for, like, 50 minutes or something. In 3D. To condense: nude. running. woman. 3D. I should really move this masterpiece up the list.


43. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

wolverine poster 2009 the Year In Movies | 40   44“Wolverine” was not the best nor the worst superhero/comic/cartoon property to hit the screen this year. It’s really a shame that director Gavin Hood and the team of screen writers could not get this nailed down though. Hugh Jackman is the living embodiment of Logan aka Wolverine and was the highlight of all three of the X-Men team movies.

“Wolverine” is packed full of Marvel cameos of which one has a hard time keeping track. Gambit plays a somewhat large role, which is nice, but the other hinted at mutants more detract from the story and narrative than add to it. The finale is a bit of a mess and the de-aging CGI used on Jean-Luc Picard, in his brief appearence, is distracting.

“Wolverine” is a pretty good action movie that moves along at a good pace, but it had the potential to be much better.


41. Watchmen

watchmen poster 2009 the Year In Movies | 40   44What a clusterfuck. A mesmerizing, thrilling, and multi-level classic book turned into a beautiful but meaningless and dull facsimile of a film. The movie does not convey the emotion, depth, meaning, or scale of the book and therefore presents itsself as a platitude for the masses. Lifeless. I am not one that thinks the book is always better than the movie, it just happens to be the case this time — by a long way.

Although I am certinaly not against nudity or sex scenes in movies (see above), the awkward and unblievable scene between the Silk Spectre II and Night Owl II is a trite and gratuitous insertion to a story that is anything but trite and gratuitous. Of all the covers of Hallelujah available out there, the original by Leonard Cohen is most ill-advised to use in the scene. Fail. Fail. Fail.


40. Terminator: Salvation

terminator salvation poster 2009 the Year In Movies | 40   44I ragged on Gooney McGlinty — or whatever McG’s name was before he changed it to three letters — as much as anyone. I figured the doofus that made all the movies in the “Charlies Angels” franchise and co-wrote the ultra annoying super-hit “I Just Want to Fly” (or whatever) with the ultra annoying eunuch band Sugarray would be a lock to make an atrocious movie for the “Terminator” franchise. I was right. However, it is not as bad as it should have been. The script is a bit all over the place and pays relentless homage to the original films; there is also several McG controlled WTF moments like a giant tyrannosaurus sized robot “sneaking” up on a pocket of humans who are more or less paranoid that they’ll be sneaked up on. Some of the CGI seems unfinished as well.

Much to my surprise, though, is that McG has a nice eye for action. In some sequences – like the heliocopter crash – it really pays off. He also tends to linger on his action instead of do the cut-away thing like most of his MTV fraternity ADD-styled counterpart directors. Batman is ok in his role as John Connor, but it is not really his film. The film belongs to Sam Worthington of “Avatar” fame as a Machine spy searching for his humanity and loyalty.

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